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New super moderators - bo198214 - 11/02/2007

Hey, I put andydude and GFR into the state of super moderators.
Surely they dont know yet about their luck Smile
Its just for the case that I am away from the board and can not take action if something happens.

Besides the honor of this position the duty would be to keep the forum clean in case of spam attacks or equally nasty problems.

(And of course you both are free to accept or decline this status ...)

RE: New super moderators - GFR - 11/04/2007

Good grief!

I just realized it now and I am honored! But I am sure that Andydude is more super than me. It is also clear that Bo must be a hyper! I accept this status and you people will test it in the framework of my possibilities. We shall overcome. ... One day!