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Why is GFR a "member" and not a "fellow" ? - tommy1729 - 04/29/2014

Why is GFR a "member" and not a "fellow" ?

He is the only one with that status ?

Does that mean he closed his membership or such ?

I do not see anything special about him. Post count not highest , not lowest.

Im curious.



RE: Why is GFR a "member" and not a "fellow" ? - GFR - 09/30/2014

Well! I can explain it (just ... jumping out of one of the hyper-operation ... boxes, such as y = a [s] b Tongue)!

As you know, I joined ... in the Beginning (2007, I presume) and I was then identified as a 'Junior Fellow'. After an amusing exchange of views with the Admonistrator (Hi, Bo!), during which I tried to object about the correctess of one of the words used in identifying me (born in 1935!), Bo decided to change both of them, 'motu proprio' and ... without worning. So, ... I became just a 'member'! Correct, amusing, but ... strange and peculiar. Rolleyes

Marcus Porcius Cato was able to learn Greek at the age of 80. Perhaps, I will be finally able to learn the correct use of the TeX slashes before the end of 2015. Tongue

Actually, I am just a fellow and I am very proud of that. In the recent past, I had very fruitful exchange of views with Bo and other 'Fellows' and 'Visitors', concerning matters between zeration and tetration, with some hints to ... infinity (omegation). Zeration was (and still is) ... borderline and tricky. Nevertheless, I recently assisted at the birth of 'Tropical Mathematics', which has almost the same age of my Forum fellowship and may carry out new ideas for ... understanding zeration (I am joking, Bo, ... ma non troppo!).

If you have such powers, please help me in becoming a standard 'Fellow'! Thank you very much in advance Wink!


RE: Why is GFR a "member" and not a "fellow" ? - tommy1729 - 09/30/2014

Tropical math ???

Some call tetration exotic math , but I never heard of tropical math.

Is that on another forum ?



RE: Why is GFR a "member" and not a "fellow" ? - GFR - 09/30/2014

Hello, Tommy!

Yes, I was surprised like you.

Concerning 'Tropical Math', as such, please see:

Concerning its possible connections with 'zeration', please see:

See you ... later.Blush


PS: Please see also the attachment.

RE: Why is GFR a "member" and not a "fellow" ? - GFR - 09/30/2014

Please see the additional Min-Plus 'tropical' introduction. Blush