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RE: Find all fixed points of exp[b] - Gottfried - 10/07/2014

(10/07/2014, 01:50 AM)mike3 Wrote: Addendum: You can replace Wapprox with this:

Wapprox(k, z) = {
   local(brl = brlog(k, z));
   local(lbrl = log(brl));

   return(brl - lbrl + sum(kk=0,5,sum(m=1,5,c(kk, m)*lbrl^m * brl^(-kk-m))));

to get even more speed (saves some repeated log calculations).
Hi Mike -

very well, thank you! I've also made the coefficients c() constants in a small matrix, because your routine uses them only to small arguments but repeatedly, also made Pi2I a constant. I've got 120 frixpoints to base 4 with 200 digits precision in 656 ms on a 2 Ghz machine. Great!