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Just post here anything you want to see as explained Keywords in this subforum.
(06/01/2011, 03:35 PM)bo198214 Wrote: Just post here anything you want to see as explained Keywords in this subforum.
Hmmm, seems like my wish list could get out of control. Would these items roughly match what you had in mind?

Fixed points
  • Parabolic, Hyperbolic
  • Attracting, Repelling
  • Complex fixed point
  • Behavior at infinity

  • Regular Superfunction
  • upper/lower superfunction
  • sexp
  • Regular iteration
  • Abel function
  • Slog

Convergence of Newton's method, interpolating polynomials
Kneser Riemann mapping, singularities
Half iterate convergence, special case for sexp(z)-1, eta=exp(1/e)
Theta(z), implementation of Kneser algorithm, eta
Base change, Jay's and Sheldon's base change sexp, Nowhere analytic, Tommy's 2sinh iteration
intuitive iteration
Cauchy Method (Dimitrii Kouznetsov)
Hey, but it was not intended, that I do the complete Keyword index!

Everybody, who feels sufficient familiar with a certain topic
or who was just rereading some old articles regarding a certain topic,
should feel free to create a corresponding Keyword article,
with some explanations and relevant links, so that someone new to the topic can easily get familiar, without reading through lots of irrelevant postings.

For example you could start a Keyword about your calculation of the Kneser tetration (basically linking to posts where you explained already.) and one about the cheta function of Jay, dont you?

Well ya, I need to fill all the regular iteration stuff, I will progress uncontinuously according to my actual time contingent.

The wishlist is now gone to the Hyperoperations Wiki (you can login there with your Tetrationforum username and password).

Click here: Wishlist.

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