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Base -1
(06/10/2015, 09:20 PM)sheldonison Wrote:
(06/10/2015, 07:50 PM)MorgothV8 Wrote: WOW, this is really nice.
If You post code which generates all of this, I can write C++/C/Python code based on Your example.
Just because Cis in almost all environments, while Pari-gp is rather specific tool.
Of course if You give me permission to do so.

Best Regards.

Thanks. If you're up for a challenge, once I publish what I have, we can talk about porting to a more generic language.

Would be great, I'm not very fluent in maths, but I really like it, and I had no problems with it on High School.
My education is software developer anyway, and I can write it in my spare time.
I already tried some time ago, but PariGP have lots of built in functions, that C doesn't have.
So I would need to implement them first too.
And I DON'T want to use any external library, becaus eI want to understand how all of it works, finally.
For example find fixed point(s) of exp/log, lambert W etc. I want to write them from scratch.

Even standard pow() func from C library seems insufficient, because pow is multivalued function, and that have to be taken into account all the time.
Also it seems that logarithms from negative/any complex numbers are possible (using delta numbers etc) so standard log() is insufficient too.... I wonde rif standar + or * operators are sufficient then .... Tongue

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