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NOTICE!! For tommy1729
The threads that I post in alot belong in the top 10 most popular threads on this forum and probably the entire internet concerning tetration and nonstandard math.

It is silly that I even defend myself here , since I do not need too.
My reputation in tetration and math requires no doubt about my posts.

You do not have to read my Posts.
But then again why would you not ?

It does not matter if you look at the threads in terms of replies , rating , popularity , views , appreciation , math skill level ... I Will be within the group of top contributors.

If you are Trying too Harm my reputation , you should realise you are fighting a giant.

I might be arrogant and narcistic, but here there is freedom of choice and freedom of speech.

If you see no value in the majority of my posts , Im honestly doubting WHY you are really here.
Do you like this math here or not ??

If you like personal battles more , I suggest going to " sci.math ".
Or if you like more standard math , Mathoverflow or MathStackExchange or theArtofProblemsolving. Or arxiv.

But I wont let anyone chase me away here !
Too be honest I find your post impolite at least.

What is the real reason you are here ?

Are you a student of Ullrich ?

Show us more of your genius math too fill Up this forum then.

This reminds me of sci.math ... And believe me that is not good.

Even if only 1/4 Posts of me makes sense that still makes me a top member.

You seem to not realise that.

It is my philosophy that math should be in the open , not behind paywalls or " elite ".
Hiding math damages society and math itself.
Not everything should be about money , and Free speech , Ideas and knowledge is the first step.

We - not just me - have shown here on the forum that tetration is not " for cranks and loons " and in fact relates to traditional math.

Psychological games do imho not belong here.
I hope you have no hidden agenda.

Your futile attempts are somewhat funny though.


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