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Migration of inflection points in y = b # x, for e^(1/e) < b < +oo
andydude Wrote:... the problem is that the coefficients are inexact, and this inaccuracy in the coefficients causes inaccuracies in the whole computation. But since the coefficients of my approximations are rational for all base b such that where q is rational, they can be represented exactly (technically as pairs of big-ints) but this rational number coefficient is only an approximation to the actual real number coefficient (I'm guessing they are real), so the error propagates through the exact computations.

Does this make sense to you?

If it does, then I could confuse you even more: There is also a possibility that since I am using so many series, one of them was inverted at a point that was outside its radius of convergence. But I never did that analysis, so I should probably do that before coming to any conclusions. Smile

Yes, unfortunately,... it does! Smile


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