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short compilation:fractional iteration-> eigendecomposition
andydude Wrote:So far, I like it!

Can some of this content can go in the FAQ?

Why not? Only I've got many times some harsh criticism because of my lack of formalism, so normally I don't try to push my tractats into more than my cabinet of "mathematical miniatures"... The text is in word-format, and I'm a bit tired of writing since weeks, so I wouldn't like to be owed to transfer this also into mimetex :-( Ideas?

Quote:As you will notice, there is very little in the Iteration chapter of the FAQ. Maybe you could help with this. Smile
... would be a nice feature... Smile

Well, I'm scanning my literature for (understandable) portions of related theorems, proofs and examples as well and also internet-sources for links to insert more into the article. Any help with this (which, however, shouldn't make it a experts-only article) I would much appreciate.

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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RE: short compilation:fractional iteration-> eigendecomposition - by Gottfried - 01/19/2008, 11:17 AM

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