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Arguments for the beta method not being Kneser's method
(10/07/2021, 03:18 AM)JmsNxn Wrote: If this is a nowhere analytic tetration; it's probably the weirdest fucking nowhere analytic function! Lmao!!! Definitely one for the history books! If I can grab an asymptotic series at every point... and it's not analytic? That makes this even more interesting tbh! Definitely doesn't help dethrone Kneser or anything, but it's certainly really really fucking cool!

I would like to see a computationally efficient biholomorphic tetration in my lifetime, but I don't seem to be close to this goal in the past few years. Confused

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RE: Arguments for the beta method not being Kneser's method - by Ember Edison - 10/07/2021, 07:02 AM

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