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The Promised Matrix Add On;
I'd like to add that I'm working on removing the redundant variable requirements for grabbing taylor series/ working on a more taylor series friendly approach. Additionally, I'm working on implementing a normalization algorithm which will produce another INIT.dat file which normalizes all the tetration in an implemented manner. I think this may solve some of the problems in the current code; however if not, It'll still be a better Taylor series implementation. Specifically, it'll allow you to write Abel(1+z,1+y) and get a two variable taylorseries--which creates a runtime error in the current implementation. Additionally it'll have an initialization file which makes sure Abel(0,y) = 1 for all y (at least locally). I apologize, but I"m really learning as I go with pari--I just noticed some of this code can be made more user friendly. I hope bo doesn't mind all these beta code attempts clogging the feed ^_^.

Regards, James

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The Promised Matrix Add On; - by JmsNxn - 08/13/2021, 05:14 AM
RE: The Promised Matrix Add On; - by JmsNxn - 08/21/2021, 03:18 AM

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