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Future of the Tetration forum
I am absolutely delighted about the progress that is recently going on, on the forum.
Unfortunately I am not in a good health state - for a longer time already - and so not able to dive into the marvellous treasures unfolding on the forum.
Though I don't suffer from a terminal illness there is still the uncertainty about the future of the forum, in case something happens to me.

So actually I would like to hear some ideas from you about how to let the forum continue beyond my mortality. The first thought would surely be to find a successor, and that successor later would find a successor and so on. But maybe there are also options to keep the forum going by a group of people - the forum board - and make collectively decisions regarding the forum (this is my favourite). But really any ideas (maybe also from a juristic standpoint) are welcome.

It does not take much to keep the forum running, let me list, what it takes:
  • paying  the hosting and renewal of the domain (currently roughly 35 Eur per year) - I am currently hosted at alfahosting - a German provider. With a little effort and a little downtime it could though moved to another provider.
  • update the forum software every some months (some IT skills & admin access required)
  • adding new requesting members (unfortunately the captcha didn't prevent bots from becoming members); for a group it would need a joint e-mail account
  • moderate postings, where necessary (the forum has a moderation system, which makes it easy to have a group of people moderating)
  • configure forum appearance, forum rules, software (e.g. wiki, mathjax, etc)
I don't know whether a group of people can have a hosting contract, or which juristic form that would need to take (also considering we all come from different countries). But something like that would quite preferable.

Curios to hear your ideas!

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