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sexp(strip) is winding around the fixed points
(06/29/2009, 08:35 AM)Kouznetsov Wrote: Now t parametrizes the set (curve),
and p is parameter we play in order to modify the "speed" of winding. Only at p=0, there is no winding, although at small p, it is difficult to count many turns, we need strong zooming in.

Oh now I see what you mean. In this case the critical point is where it changes from finite winding into infinite winding.
You are right there is no "paradox", however there is the critical point where it changes from finite to infinite winding. But perhaps in the moment its just too speculative to muse about critical points in deformations of T into S.

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RE: sexp(strip) is winding around the fixed points - by bo198214 - 06/29/2009, 10:05 AM

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