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overview paper co-author invitation
(06/01/2009, 07:59 PM)Ansus Wrote: Why not to include the Lagrange and Newton's methods as well along with the definition through indefinite sum?

Ok, I actually started a survery article about all the different methods for real-analytic tetration we encountered so far on the forum.
Have a look at whether you would like to participate. (If so you should become familiar with mercurial version control system, as we would concurrently work on Just give me your public ssh-keys that I can add you to the project.)

In the best case we can compare the different methods in the complex plane, where they should reveal their difference more obviously than just on the real axis.
This should become a professional article with propositions and proofs and concise introductions into the needed tools (e.g regular iteration, matrix powers, etc).
I hope however to make it not too long.
Actually this is a second try after a hard disk crash that destroyed a lot of already written material.
I hope we can use our combined alertness to get rid of any sneaking errors, and also for everyone who likes to participate there should be interestings tasks ahead like proving equalities, implementing algorithms, performing numerical tests, drawing plots and pictures.

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