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andydude Wrote:Super-logarithm Derivative
From my approximations, , and .

My first conjecture is that , and my second conjecture is that otherwise known as Catalan's constant.
In computing the solutions (for base e) to moderately large systems with your proposed slog, I think the first derivative is closer to 0.9159460564995..., which puts Catalan's constant out of the running (or puts your slog out of the running?).

Quote:Super-logarithm Equilibrium
My experiments with the super-logarithm have shown that there is a line in which the real part of the complex-valued superlog do not depend on the imaginary part of the input, in other words, my conjecture is that there exist functions f(b) and g(a, b) such that:

Could you provide a bit more info on this one? Again using calculations based on your solution with base e, I've seen a line near z=0.5 (somewhere between 0.45 and 0.5), running almost a unit's length "up" and "down" in the imaginary direction, for which the slog has nearly fixed real part. But it's not quite exact, and as z approaches either primary fixed singularity, the slog eventually gets "sucked in". But maybe you had something else in mind?
~ Jay Daniel Fox

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