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A derivative conjecture
Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the comments. At the end of the problem, it cites a paper, which contains motivations and background of the conjecture.



(08/28/2013, 10:52 PM)tommy1729 Wrote: Maybe it is trivial when I look at it again , but I see variables z,a,k,p,t and maybe more. Then you talk about a derivative and say this and that is trivial. For starters derivative with respect to which variable ??

"things should be stated as simple as possible , but not any simpler " Albert Einstein.

In other words I would prefer a bit more detail and context.

Then I might take a look at it. Afterall imho conjectures look a bit random without some background or motivation , and getting a question popular in a controversial field ( like tetration ) requires extra care for clarity.

Im a fighter for free access to info which might contradict the goals of your career or university or even certain website policies , if that turns out to be the case im sorry if I might loose intrest if you do not clarify.

I might seem harsch but imho being clear is important from both the perspectives of math , communication and popularizing ideas. Although I realise that " going fast " / " skipping the trivial " might make you look more " intelligent " and " professional ".

the probability of getting a problem solved depends imho on its popularity and searchability and that is also the reason im into free access.

Welcome to the tetration forum




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