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complex iteration (complex "height")
Gottfried Wrote:
Ivars Wrote:My brain is already overstretched.Wink.. I think I need some software that can calculate infinitely many logarithmsSad
Ivars - besides the answer of Henryk, which is quite right - why don't you use Pari/GP? It's free (and I 've made a free GUI (Windows) for it) search for "Pari" or "Paritty". Using Paritty you could also get my matrix-routines for a first start.


Thank You , that is practical. Downloaded version 2.3.3, Windows. Seems simpler to start with than Octave,Scilab, and more comlicated then gnuplot (those I have tried, I actually liked gnuplot best as it gives pictures of functions of exponents (like Lambert( x^(1/x) easily). The simplest are Xnumbers for Excel. Where can I fetch Your GUI to make life even simpler?

I already Love PARI; intuitively easy, great tutorial, gives power series if You type log(1+x) or exp(x). Just this Lambert function-but if its not there, we have to maneuvre around it-maybe its worth it?


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RE: complex iteration (complex "height") - by Ivars - 03/22/2008, 08:56 PM

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