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complex iteration (complex "height")
Here I add two plots, which show bases s=2 and base s=sqrt(2), when tetrated to complex heights h. The height-parameter h follows the border of the complex unit-disk, so passes the coordinates (1,0),(0,i),(-1,0),(0,-i ) and is exp(2*Pi*I*x) .
Also I have added 4 different scalings of h by the zoom-factor g, where g=1 (h is on the complexunit-circle), g=0.75 (h has radius 0.75), g=0.5 and g=0.25.
This is a small picture for s=2:

and this a small picture for s=sqrt(2):

The curves for value g=1.25 (radius of h=1.25) are partly erratic; a better approximation-method should be able to smooth them a bit.


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Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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complex iteration (complex "height") - by Gottfried - 11/14/2007, 09:32 AM

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