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Hyperoperation transitional sequences
Hyperoperation transitional sequence with Base3 indexing
From ordertype=4 ( hyper 4 ) to ordertype=8 ( hyper 8 )
In this PDF animation the answer position power tower is always in the top left corner square.
They are CMPs (composite mulanept patterns) with top down bracketing. Each of the 81 CMPs corresponds with a different COH expression. And they form an "increasing sequence" under an appropriate interpretation for the seedvalues and the formal power towers. Terminology, examples, definitions in the other papers.
Using Base4 index or higher and the composite noptile geometry becomes too cumbersome. Base3 shows the stages involved quite nicely. It is good to view, scroll down, the animation slowly, and think about the information pathways.

.pdf   HTS_B3.pdf (Size: 940.94 KB / Downloads: 461)


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