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Forum opened
Dear friends of tetration (and related topics),

I just created this dedicated forum as there seems to be the need for a central point of communication and source of knowledge about this more and more popular topic.

I know that there is much research going on in this area (though mostly performed by non-professionals) and it would be a pitty to let it unpublished by the lack of a place of a focussed community.

Publicity also allows for a critical verification and sharpening of individual research as well as for stimulating further development.

In this sense I open the forum and look forward to a wealth of interesting discussions and insights.

Henryk Trappmann
Hi, Henryk!

Thank you for the invitation. KAR will also join us as soon as possible.

G. F. Romerio (GFR)
GFR Wrote:Hi, Henryk!

Thank you for the invitation. KAR will also join us as soon as possible.

G. F. Romerio (GFR)

A big welcome to Giovanni F. Romerio and Constantin A. Rubtsov!

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