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Infinite tetration and superroot of infinitesimal
Hey Gianfranco,

open your eyes! Catastrophe theory will not solve your problems with multivalued functions, nor will the use of the term "multivalued function".
I think I clarified in detail what terms are there and how to use them:
1. There is an analytic function (single valued)
2. If the function has only isolated singularities choose slices starting at the singularities for extending this function (uniquely/single valued) to the sliced complex plane.
3. Determine branches of the function by paths that cross the slices.

If your original analytic function is not injective, you can invert it at a point with . That means there is a unique inversion in a neighborhood of . If you look at the branches of you will find among them also the other values for which , i.e. for each with there will be a branch such that . Or in other words for each there is a such that .

For example the function (sliced as usual) has the branches , i.e. at all only 2 branches that is and . And hence is not always equal to but we have to choose the right branch for example and . In general we have merely . And no multivalued function consideration will save you from considering this.

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