Tetration Analytics
I'm not sure exactly what this is, but it looks like an analytics solution for the internet of things (IoT), implying, perhaps, that there will be many, many, many devices that you need to make sense of, or something.


Andrew Robbins
Hmm, I also encountered the Cisco Tetration Network result in a few of my searches.  It appears from the link as if it has something to do with a security solution that CISCO provides to companies to protect resources that are housed on cloud networks.  It will report security incidents and also provide enhanced security features.  Not sure why they choose to use our illustrious word "Tetration" for such a thing, although I suspect that the engineer or team of engineers who came up with the product idea was probably exposed to the concept of tetration at some point, and it stuck with him as a higher mathematical idea (or function that grows very quickly). 


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