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Complaining about MSE ; attitude against tetration and iteration series !
Ok this is more complaining than math , but the attitude of the math community towards myself , mick , gottfried and many who are into tetration and iteration series is imho unacceptible.

I complained about the internet before ( Wikipedia , MO , sci.math etc ), but now i feel the need to defend and honor my student mick and gottfried.

This time it is about math stack Exchange ( MSE ).

Despite positive things , i must adress this as Well imho.

I know it was xmas and mick dislikes my pessimism and aggresion , but my negatieve predictions came true again and im getting annoyed and losing my patience.

Many rediculous downvotes and closed questions occured when the subject is related to my nickname or the subjects of tetration and related ( iteration series ).

Sure Mick " steals " alot from here , but that is not the point.
Im also not begging for upvotes etc.

However he created the tetration tag and is one of the most useful MSE users regarding that subject ( apart from the ones here ! )

It is annoying that Some moderators seem to dislike him or tetration.
And Some of them even helped the math community and even answered Some of mick's math questions.

But still.

This example illustrates it.

Notice not only was it closed for a bogus reason but mick is accused in the comments by did to " make it Up " and quote

" Would you be trying to "save" your question by throwing words like "Cesaro summation" in the air, just in case? – Did Dec 17 at 1:07 "

And even worse , when mick suggested them too numerically check it :


" "Check the claim on a computer if you want" No need to, your claim is clearly bogus. (If ever you find the time, please explain why the case x=1 should prove anything at all... And next time, please use @.) – Did Dec 21 at 18:44 "

So they did not even Bother to check the true claim and closed it anyways !!?!

DID did not check it :/

This despite the fact that I , Gottfried and some MSE users CONFirmed it !!
On chat it was called intresting , yet DID and others closed it !!

Did has over 200 K , so he is a good user , on the other hand i find it unacceptable.

It is just a Cesàro Sum of iterations , nothing made Up , saved or unclear !!

In fact it has an upvote AND an answer !

closed as unclear what you're asking by Did, Willie Wong, user91500, Ali Caglayan, Rohan Dec 20 at 6:24
Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currently written, it’s hard to tell exactly what you're asking. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question.


At the moment Mick has 3565 rep , that is no record but not bad for a teenager and CERTAINLY enough to be taken a bit seriously !!

I spent alot of time finding this again

Showing proof that we knew this already , so DID must be wrong.
( notice gottfried mentioned it first ).

Mick told me he wanted another view on it ( no matrices ) hence he posted it on MSE.

Probably he did not mention gottfried because of that ...
Hope gottfried is not angry for it.

I can not confirm what happened on chat but I trust Mick and anyways I have seen enough. Mick is a polite kid and upvotes/likes constructive critisism , it is not his fault. His OP might not have been perfect but closing - or refusing to open - after the modif is NOT DONE imho !!

Unfortunately this is just an example case.

And even if it Gets reopened , im afraid it does not solve the attitude in General :/

Sorry for the whining but this is imho the relevant place.



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