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Taylor series of i[x]
Hi, again!
Maybe I have found something related to the Nth derivative of i[x] (I may or may not know how to get the derivative of a non-analytic function like y = 1 if x=rational otherwise -1). Really interesting. But first of all, I would like to check it myself. But I will need your help.
Here is a produktum:

I would like to interpolate this expression/function, but how? Any idea?
(If I will be able to get the expansion of the Taylor series of i[x], then I promise I will share it with you.)
Xorter Unizo
First of all, I am afraid, that it is necessary to get the derivatives of the logical gates.

[Image: BitXor_1000.gif]

That would the 0th step to our target.
Okey, it is not hard to make contiously, just like this:
x xor y = lim (2^h x xor 2^h y)/2^h
And we know that
x xor y = (x and -y) or (-x and y)
But how to derivate?
Xorter Unizo

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