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I'm just dabbling here.

I agree with Sheldon almost at all. If I were you, I would use the following notations:

Hn(a,b) = a[n]b = H(a,n,b) or the Knuth's uparrows, the second is simplest as I think.
If you want iterate an operator, just use the following functional power formula:
y [z+1] x = (y [z] x)^o(y-1) o y
I suppose that z can be  negative, zero, rational, real or complex, too.
But if you follow Sheldon's zeration formula, it will not lead to addition, so I think that is wrong.
But Sheldon has a lot of successful pari/gp programme and ideas for the realizations of from the tetration to heptation, but hard to interpolate with rational or real numbers.

Good luck!  Wink

Xorter Unizo

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