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A Notation Question (raising the highest value in pow-tower to a different power)
(02/18/2019, 03:41 AM)Micah Wrote: Hey Jay, 

     Thanks for the quick response, I was trying to get the notation working, does it have to be within a <code> environment?  I'm sorry, I'm really a novice when it comes to posting on these mathematical forums, Its always beautiful to see new expressions of Taylor's series, thankyou for that!  Any thoughts on the expression of the function in this thread?  What is the standard operator for hyper-4 in this forum? I am used to using the up-arrow notation, is that received okay here? 

Thanks so much! 


You were really close to the correct format in your first post.  The closing tag of the tex block needs to be closed with a forward slash, not a backwards slash.  No need to put it into a code block.

Another way you can see how it works is to reply to my first post, then click the View source button.  It's the last button on the toolbar when you are in the post editor.  I'll post a screenshot of that below.  When you push that button while you are replying, it will convert the original post to BB code.  I always use the BB code.  I don't like using the wysiwig editor.

~ Jay Daniel Fox

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RE: A Notation Question (raising the highest value in pow-tower to a different power) - by jaydfox - 02/18/2019, 04:38 AM

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