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Creators and destroyers
Trappman admitted that he has been systematically treating me like crap because he decided my ego is too big. I am also on record as being autistic and bipolar, so folks who actually care about the struggles in my life know I am working on being a better person. I just got an apartment after being homeless for over a year camping outside. An alternative is that he could have reached out to me personally about his concerns. When I have made a personal concern, Trappman claims that this website is about the mathematics of tetration. But that doesn't hold for Trappman. You know, it is quite a coincidence that this website came into existence a few years after I put my website on tetration up. 

Personally, I'm more concerned about the spiritual path. I try an be a creator. I reach out to researchers on tetration who need some personal support. But I don't feel it is a good idea for me to have any connection with this website or its people. When I see someone being treated like crap I speak up and intervene. Didn't anyone notice Trappman treating me like crap? I value nobility, but I don't see any of it here. Being a creator didn't work out for Trappman, so now he is checking out being a destroyer. It takes little insight to see that it is better for me to not have any connection with the people on this website. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever brought up the question of how people are treated on this site?

Question: would you rather be considered the ultimate expert on tetration or be considered a good human being? Personally being a good human being is far more important to me. Please weigh in on this question folks.

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