Where do I send the roses?
As wonderful as tetration is, even it must have foundations to rest upon like Truth and Beauty. While I was surprised when Henryk admitted he had major issues with me, I was very pleased to hear a no holds barred reflection of who I am from Henryk and his connection with the Truth. I am also interested in catching up with Gottfried about his spiritual journey.

I do regret I'm so difficult to deal with. Not only am I autistic and bipolar, but I have to regularly deal with major mess-ups in my medication including the last two weeks. Soon that should matter less and less as I devote several hours a day to yoga practices like meditation. 

Those who know me best understand I'm a monk in the yogic tradition. I am a renunciate. I spend most of my time doing technically based social service. Part of that is supporting tetration researchers. I believe that even an attempt at the mastery of tetration requires a willingness to pay a cost beyond what other people are prepared to do. When I was in the software industry I was known for taking on technical challenges more extreme than anyone else wanted to deal with. 

What I'm saying is that mastery of tetration comes with a great cost. I just ended being homeless living outside by a river for over a year. I consider it the Universe collecting my tetration dues from me. I'm cool with it. But not everyone understood what a rocket ride they were signing up for when they became interested in tetration. So I've self-appointed myself as a part of Tetration Social Services. Not only am I interested in meeting members of the tetration community, but I'm also interested in making sure that you don't have to be cool with being homeless to research tetration. I try and support people like Yiannis Galidakis and Andy Robbins. I am concerned about the stream of talented mathematicians that come and go on the Tetration Forum.

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