Software for numerical calculation ala qbasic

My needs of for accuracy /plotting have outgrown tools I use.

I would like to download simple ( preferably qbasic type since that I knew pretty well 20 years ago) software which would allow :

1) Handling of numerical calculations (mostly powerseries) with simple subroutines of both small, big arguments and many specifiable number accurate decimals ( I even do not know how much, but the more I can get that works on my MS windows laptop at all , the better).

2) Plotting of results in 2D polar and 3D polar and spherical coordinates (both!)

3) prining of plots, saving in useful formats etc.

4) possibility to handle complex number calculations/plotting would be an additional benefit;

5) existance of predefined functions would also be a benefit , but not must.

Please suggest somtehing. I am ready invest up to 100-200 USD in such a software, but it has to be SIMPLE and ACCURATE , and polar/spherical plotting is a MUST. I run in problems when manually entering powerseries with 40 terms, where only coefficients and powers change,sometimes need to change argument.

Thank You in advance,


(Though I didnt use it personally up to now ...)
Thanks, I looked at it. It looks like Ultimate version of free sofware for this purpose.
Might be Ok, but if there is something simpler, I would like to have a look at it as well.

I downloaded and installed gnuplot 4.2.2 sucessfully, - as to SAGE, it has 511 Mb- I can not download it really in reasonable time.

What is Your opinion about it? Does it have enough numerical accuracy for power series, complex numbers? Does it returns just plots, or also values?


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