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On the [tex]2 \pi i[/tex]-periodic solution to tetration, base e
I wrote a brief expose on how the periodic solutions to tetrations work base e. I focused solely on the -periodic case. And did a walk through on how I prove the construction. It's not epsilon/delta perfect--for that you'll need the preprint. This is just a quick explanation after the fact.

This paper is about 7 pages long--isn't very rigorous or ambitious. It's just an explanation of what happens in the -periodic case. It gives the barebones of my beta method preprint; but only for a single case.

I wrote this quickly, mostly to be notes for sheldon when we have our next zoom call. But I think regular users would benefit from this.

.pdf   Notes_for_beta.pdf (Size: 196.25 KB / Downloads: 96)

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