Stop using Mimetex and replace it with a more modern Latex solution
(01/05/2022, 09:47 PM)Gottfried Wrote: Nice to have mathjax now!           
(It would be good to find the "\\\\"-linefeed working somehow)

Just tried the "print-view"-option: no more mathjax there, we see the source. Do you have an option to improve this?


p.s. Happy new year to all!

I'm imagining the "print-view"-option works similarly to the quick edit feature. I'm sure this is an absurd fix that is more non-obvious than we think. I think we'll have to go without, lol.
(01/07/2022, 08:28 AM)JmsNxn Wrote:  lol.

 :-) Dito
Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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