The line function
I've recently come to realize, that if I use the line function, which is one of the elements of the hot bar, that the entire post begins to degrade.

I invite you to try this. Write a long post, using many mathematical equations, and then add a line inbetween each "paragraph" containing new LaTex. Now, edit, and preview, and edit, and preview. What will happen is that the previewed post, and the code, will produce unlimited white space.

You can notice this in some of my posts, where I was too lazy to fix it. And it's specifically the manner we write:

This line does not mix properly with MathJax, and upon multiple edits of a LaTeX code based post, this will cause random spaces to appear. I believe this is because the line function is actually a "nil box"--rather than a straight up line. Something is fucking up on the forum though. I like to write drafts, especially for long posts, and I like to separate my posts with paragraphs, using this line for a thematic change. As I continuously edit and preview; eventually it breaks. Where it adds spaces and line breaks when it shouldn't. (Imagine a whole bunch of "\n" being added that you don't want.)

This only happens when I invoke the line function. Something fucky with this is is happening.

Regards, James

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