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Dmitrii Kouznetsov's Tetration Extension
bo198214 Wrote:
Kouznetsov Wrote:Henrik, sorry, I was sure that the page is available from anywhere.

Nono this was a misunderstanding, I can read your page. However I can not probably write on it.
I was just curious what citizendium is. It states something like the "world's most trusted encyclopedia". So is there some peer reviewing going on?

Quote:I should move it to some readable and writable place.
How about wikisource?

Seems more to be about historic texts isnt it?
1. Yes, it is. I agree. Could you register as citizendium? It seems to be the only wiki that allows original researches.

2. There are two regular superexponentials at base such that .
I have plotted the only one, such that .
At , for example,
There is another one, that grows up along the real axis faster than any exponential and aproaches its limiting values in the opposite direction. I am writing source for its evaluation.
3. Then we have covered the ranges and ; and I think about cases and . I suggest that you use the same idea: first, find the asymptotics and periodicity (if any); then recover the analytic function with these properties. Could you calculate some pictures (similar to those I have posted) for these cases?

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