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Fractal behavior of tetration
bo198214 Wrote:tetration fractal
Dear Bo:
1. Thank you for the link, beautigul pics. However, those pics do not correspond to tetration or superexponential, althouch, they are related to the reiterated exponential.
As I understand, in our notations, they correspond to the play with base b.
In my case, b=e is fixed.
Formally, my set F is periodic, while the structures you refer are not.
Perhaps, the pics you mention should be cited. How is it better to cite those pics?

2. I have the expression for the set of branchpoints of the modified slog, while the primary cutlines go to the right hand side direction. The formula is:

The resulting set S is not dense, as the F above, the set S is countable and its measure is zero. How do you like it?

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