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overview paper co-author invitation
bo198214 Wrote:I actually started a survery article about all the different methods for real-analytic tetration we encountered so far on the forum.
Have a look at whether you would like to participate. (If so you should become familiar with mercurial version control system, as we would concurrently work on Just give me your public ssh-keys that I can add you to the project.)
Henryk, I looked at your project. After to send the paper about fractal behavior of tetration, I would like to participate.

About Kneser's expansion: it would be good to check, that we evaluate the same function expanding it at fixed point L and doing that at L^*.
I tried to do this, and I failed. Numerically, I could get only few correct digits in vicinity of the real axis...

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overview paper co-author invitation - by bo198214 - 06/02/2009, 01:06 AM
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