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overview paper co-author invitation
So guys,

3 of you explained interest to co-author this article.
Thats Dmitrii, Ansus and Andrew.
Everyone of you should have an account on
There is an e-mail system built in, which we will use for communication.
There is even a bug-tracking system which we may use for the organization of changes.
To test the system, please e-mail me your public ssh-keys via e-mail on bitbucket.
(if the bit-bucket e-mail system is too primitive we may switch to normal e-mail communication.)

A hg clone of the sources should have been successful for all participants.
Did everyone manage to do a clone?

I think the tasks are as follows:
  • Ansus: is responsible for the Newton and Lagrange-method.
  • Andrew: is responsible for the intuitive Abel function and watches over the use of the English language. (Andrew, sorry for the name change, but I think its better to change the name than keeping confusing names, the old name "natural ...tion" also did not yet appear in a journal article, so I think we can still change).
  • Dmitrii: is responsible for the Cauchy-integral method.
  • Henryk: coordinates and does all the things nobody else wants to to do Wink
  • all: reviewing (and understanding) what the others write

There are a lot of methods we will present. So the focus is on a rigorous, short but appealing introduction into each method, its particular application to exponentiation as base function (with proofs of convergence/well-definition where possible), and proofs of the equality of methods.
Where we dont know about the equality we want at least show difference/equality numerically in the complex plane.
Thats really ALOT. To keep the paper publishable (i.e. short! I aim at under 30 pages) we really need to squeeze as much as possible, but keep it readable and appealing. Otherwise we may drop rather exotic methods.

A meeting would not be a bad idea. However I am personally not able to travel anywhere due to a catastrophic financial situation.
About credits:
The purpose of the article is not to summarize everything is written on the forum.
It has a clearly cut topic: methods for real-analytic tetration (though for some methods we only conjecture that they are real-analytic).
The article will feature only methods that are either theoretically safe, or that have a working numerical implementation.
As far as it is known of course the first creator of a method will be mentioned.

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