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overview paper co-author invitation
(06/15/2009, 12:33 AM)Kouznetsov Wrote: I am not successful with the public key. I copypast my intent:
D:~/BITBU>ssh-keygen -t public
unknown key type public
Why it does not want to geberate the public key?
What other type of key can be generated instead?
The answer is RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual!).
Here an excerpt from "man ssh-keygen":
-t type
             Specifies the type of key to create.  The possible values are
             ``rsa1'' for protocol version 1 and ``rsa'' or ``dsa'' for proto-
             col version 2.
So perhaps best to use is dsa:
ssh-keygen -t dsa
It asks you where to store the file and the passphrase to use with that file.
It creates:

Roughly the first file contains your private key (dont give it to anyone), the second file contains your public key (give it to everyone).

The procedure from scratch

You need:
  • Installed ssh
  • Installed python
  • Installed mercurial
  • ssh public key "~/.ssh/". You can create one with "ssh-keygen -t dsa".
  • bitbucket account. (You dont need an own repository.)

Then you do at bitbucket
  • Upload your public ssh-key to your bitbucket account: Once logged in, go to Account and paste the contents of ~/.ssh/ into the corresponding field and add key.
  • Send me an e-mail: Go to Inbox
  • Follow the project (to be notified about changes): be logged in, go to the project, click following.

On your local computer:
Go to some folder where you want the project folder to be created, then do
hg clone
(replace "username" by your bitbucket username.) This should create the project folder "bunch".

A normal editing cycle would be as follows (the given commands assume you are in the project folder (or subfolders of it)):
  1. Code:
    hg pull
    gets the latest version from the bitbucket repository.
  2. Edit some files in the project folder
  3. Code:
    hg commit
    this stores the new version in the repository *locally on your computer*. You can continue with the previous item, or the next step.
  4. Code:
    hg push
    this pushes your last commit to the bitbucket repository. Continue with the first step.

If you create new files instead of just editing existing ones you have to do an
hg add <filename>
before commit.

Quote:I have created the folder
Can you access this folder?
Should I upload there the latex files, C++ codes, pics?
No own repository is needed.

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