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overview paper co-author invitation
(08/02/2009, 01:38 AM)andydude Wrote: I think it worked! Smile

Indeed! I merged your changes with my local changes, you can see the branch/merge graph here.

Quote:also, I was wondering if I could change "super function" -> "superfunction" is that OK?

Yes I did it already, previously. I use the following conventions:
superfunction (no hyphen) and super-exponential (with hyphen).
This pattern is extensible e.g. super-factorial = superfunction of the factorial

However our widely used super-logarithm does not fit in this pattern,
thatswhy I followed Dmitriis suggestion: arcsuper-exponential

This is the inverse of the super-exponential and hence what we previously called super-logarithm. arcsuper-exponential means also Abel function of the exponential, so we *dont* introduce an extra arcsuperfunction.

I have the convention to put a TODO at every place where I know it needs to be rewritten. At finishing one simply needs to look that there are no more "TODO"s in the text. In our collaborative case I suggest a name suffix, e.g. TODO[henryk] means that it remains to do for henryk.

If we just repeat a proposition from a book or established theory (to use it in an own derivation) please use the "wellknown" environment. E.g.
This is a well known proposition
For common (i.e. really common, not just in the tetration community) or standard definitions, please use e.g.:
The factorial is defined as ...
Please have also a look at the decl.tex file to not reinvent abbreviations, e.g. \mathbb{C} is just \C.

I suggest we dont use the e-mail system of bitbucket, because its errornous. However perhaps we can use the issue tracker, lets see.

@Andrew: Instead of with matrices I would like you to start with the equations, because the matrices are not really necessary to explain the approach. Something roughly like: From the Abel equation ... powerseries ... infinite equation system ... (represented with the Carleman matrix as ...) ambiguity of solutions .... intuitive solution ... etc.

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