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overview paper co-author invitation
Now that I work more with mercurial I see that the work flow described above is not completely correct for pulling changes from the bitbucket repository.

To keep your local repository consistent with the remote bitbucket repository you have to do the following:

> hg pull
This pulls changes from the remote repository

> hg merge
This merges these changes into your current repository.

If there are conflicts, i.e. someone else changed the same part of the file that you changed too, you have to resolve conflicts. These are marked with <<<<< and >>>>>> in the file.
If you have done this, do a
> hg resolve -m
> hg commit
After that you can work as usual on your files, i.e. make some changes, make some commits, and if you reached some official state you can push it to the bitbucket repository. And everybody else can pull your changes.

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