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Road testing Ansus' continuum product formula
(07/12/2022, 12:01 AM)JmsNxn Wrote:
(07/02/2022, 08:49 AM)bo198214 Wrote:
Quote:Maybe due to reorganization by MphLee? (new threadnames / subthreadnames may be incompatible with references in older msgs)

I was also thinking that first, but imho the topic would not indicate to move it somewhere else.

All in all, I bet he deleted his account, and that caused an error in the threads; or he found a way to purge himself from this forum. I mean he is smart, and it wouldn't be that hard to go through every thread and delete it.

All in all, if Ansus is Anixx, then it would be within character to rage quit and purge yourself (I should know, I've done it many times, lmao).

Hmm, "Ansus" is still a registered user, and I find 20 posts of him and/or 5 threads - so at least not all is removed. Thus, while I agree to your Anixx=Ansus analysis, it seems the "lost thread" problem might be rooted in another problem at all or is simply a spurious case. (If I find time/energy I'll try to investigate/remedy this)

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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