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Mittag-Leffler series for generating continuum sum?
(11/17/2009, 09:20 PM)bo198214 Wrote:
(11/17/2009, 08:44 PM)mike3 Wrote: Does it refer to some other book/paper/etc. within it when it discusses the formula and its coefficients? Could you chase after that?

Its a self contained proof, no further references.

Mmm. And I suppose it's just an "existence" as opposed to a "construction" proof, then? Yet the site says:

"The degrees of the polynomials and their coefficients , are independent of the form of f(z) and can be evaluated once and for all."

and references sources [2] and [3] which are the 1977 thing you mentioned you didn't have, and one that's in French. And the 1965 one didn't say how to get the values...

Quote:What about the 1977 one?
I dont possess it and didnt find it in the web.

I thought you went to a library to get this stuff. I suppose not, then, or the library did not have it?

So it seems the trail has run cold on this one, then? Or perhaps the answer is there, but it's in French Sad

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