application of tetration
In the investigation of the nonlinear response of optical materials, the sample is supposed to be optically thin, in such a way, that the intensity of the light does not change much as it goes through. Then one can consider, for example, the absorption as function of the intensity. However, at small variation of the intensity in the sample, the precision of measurement of the absorption as function of intensity is not good. The reconstruction of the superfunction from the Transfer Function allows to work with relatively thick samples, improving the precision of measurements. In particular, the Transfer Function of the similar sample, which is half thiner, could be interpreted as the square root (id est, half-iteration) of the Transfer Function of the initial sample.

Similar example is suggested for a nonlinear optical fiber

in other words , tetration might have applications in optics.

i found it important to say this , because applications of tetration and the alike are usually doubted and without examples in articles about tetration.

in fact , it occurs that people say , tetration has no applications and probably never will have any applications.

i think that optics will benefit from tetration research.


Ya isnt that great!
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