i dont know who is in charge - although in theory nobody - of wikipedia , but my contributions regarding tetration and other math are always deleted.

i stay polite and neutral , **** even if i just give a link.

i do not find that funny... and i dont even know who it is / are.

i dont know if its any of my usual ' enemies ' or maybe a false friend ?

or just some rednecks or teenagers ?

i was once blocked by some RETIRED math teacher who ASSUMED he knew about tetration , but doesnt even know what a limit is ...

and i believe he teached teenagers ...

maybe its other people now.

but im very irritated by this.

a replacement might have been acceptable but simply deleting is imho not.

tetration is not a common or simple subject .

so WHO DARES to delete stuff without KNOWING what they are ' talking ' about ?

the only people that spend a lot of time on the internet AND know their stuff about tetration are a handfull posters at sci.math and most of the members on this forum.


that would be rude , especially considering that your websites ( and this forum ) are mentioned , even nonproven methods ( convergence not proven , yet linked on the page ) of yours.

whoever it is they should know more about tetration and if they do , then they know darn well that my contributions are worth mentioning or linking.

so whoever is responsable is either ignorant or immoral imho.

and if its someone from this site i consider it betrayal !

an angry tommy1729

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