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Iteration exercises: Lucas-Lehmer-test and Schröder-function
Since it is a bit quiet currently someone might enjoy an iteration exercise which I've applied to the Lucas-Lehmer-test for the primality of Mersenne-numbers.
The Lucas-Lehmer-test *is* just an application of iteration of some simple function, but it is unusual to express this iteration using the concept of the Schröder-function and the Carleman-matrix.
After the coefficients of the Schröder-functions have a simple pattern, that functions could be identified with the cosh and arccosh-functions; an identity which was also already known to Schröder himself and was also introduced and is mentioned in Chris Caldwell's nice Prime-pages.

Here is my approach which led to a new "Lucal-Lehmer-Constant" L which allows to do the Lucas-Lehmer-test just by the test and if the equality holds, then is prime.(Well, for p>7 we need so many digits of L that the test is not practical)

Here is the link: lucasLehmerConstant

Enjoy -

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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