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Number theory and hyper operators
Yea, you're a genius! Now I understand what you tried to do. But I don't know if it will be really fruitfull, but at least sound interesting.

Tell me if I got it right:

You was right about the bijection (only if you first statements hold).
Anyways we have that the sets and are really differents but they have interesting links.

Lets re-start with a new version of your definitons: let

Ia) for fixed

IIa) for fixed

second step:




maps on a subset of the naturals that now we call and like with the primes there are naturals numbers cutted off.
We want to be injective (that is your condition )
but is not invertible because is restricted to : in fact is bijective.

Your idea is to extend to make it invertible adding more elements in the domain, in other words extending it to (but you want do it adding real numbers)

Finally we have a bijection, in fact holds!

[Image: slr81c.jpg]

for example using for the addition we have:

then we build inverting the naturals using

maps the naturals only if the domain is then in our set we have numbers that are not naturals

To be honest I don't know if the extension of the naturals to is a subset of the reals (as you defined)
but if we have that preserves the order we can find this result

in our example this lead us to this so the rank is not a natural number.

My question is: is it rational, irrational? Maybe it is trascendental, but this is beyond my limits.

About the relations with now the differencese are clear.

We have that


in other words the function IIb) is multivalued, and the set is the set of all possibles solution, in symbols:

that is equivalent to

MathStackExchange account:MphLee

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