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[Update] Comparision of 5 methods of interpolation to continuous tetration
I've just updated my discussion from 2010 where I provided pictures and short commentars for the basic introduction into different interpolation proposals for the tetration. I included now also the comaprision with the Kneser-method, where I used one of the Pari/GP-scripts which Sheldon has kindly provided here.
Here is the link:

I'll attach it also here for the possibility that some website might drop down...
[updates]: included comparisions of the Kneser with the polynomial 32x32, polynomial 48x48 and polynomial 64x64 - interpolations.
Impression/conclusion:The bigger the matrix-size, the better the Kneser solution is approximated.
[/end update]

Ahh, ps: I would like it much to include more material of someone else, who has some other practical procedure and can provide data for the same environment (of base b=4, and the 1/20 to 1/40-step iterations with the given initial values) such that I can include them in my Excel-tables for plotting.

Have fun -


see for more material:

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Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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[Update] Comparision of 5 methods of interpolation to continuous tetration - by Gottfried - 10/13/2013, 02:20 PM

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