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[Update] Comparision of 5 methods of interpolation to continuous tetration
(10/14/2013, 10:42 AM)MikeSmith Wrote: Gottfried, your math looks difficult to understand for an amateur in continuous functional iteration, but has very interesting pictures nonetheless. I never was good at complex analysis, otherwise I might have a chance to understand. The presentation in your papers is very nice Smile

Hi Mike - thank you for your kind response. Well, it sounds strange for me to hear, that my math is too complex. You know, I've started all this as a complete amateur, just accidentally wenn I looked at properties of the Pascalmatrix, and power of the Pascalmatrix, and... Then by a very natural and naive interest in the question, what happens if I apply the same procedures to the matrix of Stirlingnumbers I fell in... yes, the area of powertowers. And from there, by considering: how in the world could fractional powers of such matrices be constructed?, to the powertowers with fractional heights, aka tetration.

Perhaps after so many years of intense work with it my language became more sophisticated and/or overly jargon-ned ... I'd always liked to make that steps into the matter transparent for other interested ones and as joyful/exciting as they were for me - if you (or someone else here) is interested in a conversation here to make my approach better understandable for an amateur then let me know. Possibly it needs only rewriting of my first articles, or a collaborative rewriting of them?

Well, Mike, just share your thoughts -

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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RE: [Update] Comparision of 5 methods of interpolation to continuous tetration - by Gottfried - 10/14/2013, 01:19 PM

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