how to create pure noptiles
This PDF demonstration animation shows the thought behind pure noptiles in terms of the components and how they fit together and build up in an extensible way through the ordertypes.
ordertypes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are shown in orderly progression
It is a proof without words, that pure noptiles are the extensible Functional Type Shifting Patterns for the mulanept form of hyperoperations of the form n(^k)n (with k>=2) but the subtle ideas are how it fits together in a coherent way, with various components corresponding or matching up in the vertical or horizontal dimensions. The folding pattern used is FLU or in words, iterating on fold left then fold up. It should be clear that each of the bordered squares are positioned in a way to make the patterns extensible and allow input and output connections. For lots of examples of compositions of these pure noptile patterns obtained from COH expressions see the 42cmps PDF. I have also made animations of various transitional sequences using composite patterns. The other details such as numerical examples and terminology can be found in the other papers.

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