Eretrandre Mathematics Forum

When you learn mathematics (whether in school or university) sometimes you are confronted with counter-intuitive restrictions. The most basic example is division by zero. Often it is not clear whether they are inherent to the theory or whether they could be avoided in a more sophisticated framework. The Eretrandre mathematics forum provides a platform for raising such questions, to discuss ideas to overcome those restrictions and as a result to provide answers to what is possible.

Vice versa it also shall provide a resource of ideas that could not made to be working, or against which stand striking counter examples. However knowing that ideas mostly can not be shown to be fruitless at all.

The forum is explicitly intended to be a cauldron of unusual, strange and non-standard ideas (which though should not be too specialized). They shall be cooked until they are digestable, knowing that not all becomes eatable.

The forum is inclined to mathematical topics in the sense, that they can be driven mostly by thinking but barely by knowing something that can not achieved by thinking. In that sense it is open to non-mathematical, for example to physical or to philosophical topics.

Topics that belong explicitely into the Eretrandre mathematics forum are: The topics are now discussed in the Tetration Forum. Continue here to the Eretrandre Mathematics Forum.

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