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Full Version: Fractional Tree Calculator
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Culminating a major part of my past research, I just finished a rather entertaining visualization and experimentation web application.

The topic are fractional trees a generalization of fractional numbers that I came across with by investigation of higher arithmetical operations.  An ultra short introduction is given at the web application.

Fractional Tree Calculator - web application
Arborescent Numbers and Higher Arithmetic Operations - theoretical foundation (pdf)

Hi, Henryk, your calculator looks nice--at least for me since KDE's 'Stöberer' (a nice German word for "browser") Konquerror seems to have no problems with large expressions. Maybe I should use your calculator to ocfuscate my tax return :-). At least it is a nice companion to your theoretical paper.

I am always surprised again that it works.
How much effort I put into finding counterexamples and outsmart the algorithm, he always obeyed the postulated rules.
The proof for the uniqueness of canceling is quite difficult and I found it long after I already accomplished the algorithm, which always worked flawlessly.
And so it is with mathematics in general, I always wondering that by how different computations ever the result remains always the same (except of course you made mistake Wink )