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Full Version: Forum updated to newest mybb
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I upgraded the forum to the newest version 1.8.9 of the forum software myBB.
If there is anything which doesnt work properly anymore, please post it here.
I found already that some Links to smileys do not work.
I am about fixing it.
My lord! Everything centered - this is unreadable!                   
OTOH - happy new year and I#m happy to read from you again, Henrik!

Damn, I didnt notice before.
I will find out tomorrow and hopefully fix the centeredness.
As the theme templates were difficult to fix, I switched to the new default theme.
And it looks fine to me (still there are some broken Post Icons though).

There is however a serious issue with the Wiki - it doesnt display content of any page, though the content is still visible when editing the page. Lets see whether I get it fixed.

At the bottom of the forum page you can still switch to the old theme, but only for nostalgia, as it is somewhat broken now.
I will have a view at other themes in the next days and perhaps add some for your choice.

If you find any other not yet mentioned problem with the new board version, please post it here!

@Gottfried: Yeah and a happy New Year! (though still I will have very limited time to dedicate to the forum.)
Post Icons are fixed now.
Wiki is also fixed now. 

I hope the authorization plugin still works with the new myBB version.

This could be verified if someone, who never logged in on the wiki, can now log in with his/her credentials of the tetration forum. Anyone?